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Heat Treatment Pest Control Company in Alicante

There truly is a 100% sustainable way of eliminating pests, and at Ecoplagas we know how it’s done. Thanks to our search for the best procedures, we can offer heat treatments to control pests.

Heat treatments for pest control are considered one of the most effective and natural methods for the extermination of bedbugs, woodworms and other insect infestations. Find out how you can say farewell to insects in the most natural way currently available on the market. No chemicals. No toxics.

What are Heat Treatments for Pest Control?

Heat treatments for pest control are very effective as well as safe procedures.

Heat treatments for pest control can either be applied at high temperatures, or at temperatures below zero. What we need to achieve is a so-called thermal impact. Our aim is to eliminate insect pests while minimising any other side effects, be it for the environment or for people.

What does it consist of?

In a controlled and well-controlled manner, a certain amount of heat is applied to the area where the pest is located. Once a temperature of over 45º is reached, all stages of the insect’s development are eliminated. In this way, it is possible to effectively exterminate adult insects, larvae and eggs.

Therefore, when the temperature of the area in which they can be found is raised above 45ºC their proliferation is no longer available. In addition, we achieve the death of the insects by dehydration or by denaturation of the proteins of which they are composed.

Heat Treatment Pest Control Company in Alicante

Heat Treatment Pest Control Services in Alicante

If you have an insect infestation in your home or on your premises, or suspect you may have one, contact us.

At Ecoplagas we are experts in heat treatment services for pest control in Alicante. We offer a fast, safe and effective solution.

Eliminate the pest as soon as possible and enjoy your surroundings with total peace of mind. At Ecoplagas we are committed to quality.

We guarantee that after applying our heat treatment to control pests, you will never have to worry about insects again.

We customise the treatment to the type of pest and location. We have in-depth knowledge of all types of insect pests, and we offer a customised service according to each specific case.

Uses of Heat Treatment for Pest Control

Heat treatment is a very versatile treatment that adapts to different types of pests.

Heat treatment completely eradicates insects. And it does so in an environmentally friendly way; your surroundings as well as your facilities will be pest-free once our treatment has been applied. Neither household goods such as furniture, electrical appliances and other objects, nor people, will be harmed by this procedure. No toxics, no chemicals, 100% natural. We simply use heat and apply it in a very controlled manner.

Our specialists apply the heat in a strictly controlled manner. Said heat can reach any and all open spaces, invisible to the eye. Thanks to the heat exceeding 45 – 50 degrees, any insect is eliminated without leaving any residue. Moreover, it is effective in all stages of insect growth, from eggs or larvae to adult insects.

Stored product pests in silos

It is not uncommon for insects to take over a silo and form a pest. Silos in which grains and flours are stored are also vulnerable to insect infestation.

Heat treatment of stored products against insects is safe and effective. It eliminates insect pests without using chemicals or other products that can spoil flours or grains.

Woodworm treatment

Do you have wooden structures or furniture with woodworm? If so, don’t worry, we can solve the problem.

Using heat treatment, we can control woodworm infestation in an effective and safe way. Whereas with other treatments chemicals are used and more extreme measures must be taken, with this treatment it is no longer necessary.

Contact us. We will inspect and diagnose the problem and find the source of the pest. We will apply the heat treatment to eliminate said pest as soon as possible. 

Get back to enjoying your insect-free wooden surfaces and enjoy a healthy environment.

Treatment against bedbugs

Have you come across a bedbug infestation? We provide heat treatment to get rid of them.

Bedbugs tend to appear in bedrooms, living rooms, etc. They usually lay their eggs in mattresses and sofas, among other places. If you are sure, or suspect, that there may be an infestation in your home, do not hesitate to contact us.

We guarantee 100% efficiency.

Advantages of Heat Treatment for Pest Control

There are many advantages to this treatment. If you are faced with a pest, or if you encounter one in the future, you will know why you should choose heat treatment for pest control.

No chemicals

This treatment just requires heat; a temperature between 45 and 50 degrees. Therefore, no chemicals are needed.

It is 100% environmentally friendly

By using heat treatment to eliminate pests, we reduce the impact on the environment. We can provide you with a service that is 100% environmentally friendly.

It is very fast, simple and effective

Another feature which makes heat treatment so successful is that it is very quick, simple and effective.

In the past it took up to several days to get rid of a pest and it was complicated because certain measures had to be taken due to the use of chemical products. In addition, its effectiveness was not always satisfactory. Now it is quite the opposite, as heat treatment is very reliable.

It is harmless. No re-entry interval (REI)

You can return to the heat-treated area right after the pest control treatment has been applied. There is no risk to people or pets. No risk to the environment, food, machinery, furniture, etc.

Effective on sofas and mattresses

Some insect pests such as bedbugs often appear on mattresses or sofas. In this type of furniture, it is very difficult to eradicate the pest because, in addition to having multiple shelters such as seams or zips, these objects cannot be treated with chemical products as they are in direct contact with people. Under normal conditions, the pest-infested object would have to be disposed of. However, with the heat treatment that we apply at Ecoplagas, you can keep your beloved sofa or mattress knowing that it is insect-free.

Types of Heat Treatments for Pest Control

Are you familiar with the different types of heat treatments for pest control? Let’s have a look.


The effectiveness of so-called structural treatments lies in raising the temperature of the space as well as its structures, which are infested by the pest.

To apply the treatment, a team of specialist technicians is required, and it takes several hours.

The energy requirement is very low, making it a very efficient treatment.


Targeted heat treatments are those that are applied on a specific pest, which is to be eliminated.

These treatments can be completed with other types of cleaning processes and other conventional pest control treatments. In addition, no re-entry interval is required, nor is it necessary to evacuate people from the area that is to be treated.

What the treatment does is increase the temperature of an item, piece of furniture or object for a very short period.


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