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Flies, wasps and moths pests in Alicante

We eradicate the infestation of flying insects in Alicante.


We efficiently solve any type of pest

At Ecoplagas we are experts in the treatment and eradication of all types of pests and disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to help you make your home a safer place.

Throughout our experience we have carried out a lot of work on controlling flying insect pests, for which we have the appropriate authorization. This has given us a great deal of knowledge about the different species that can affect our environment and how to control them.

Amongst the most common flying insect pests are wasps, flies, mosquitoes and moths. We also manage the removal of swarms of bees, which let us remind you that it is strictly forbidden to eliminate them.

At Ecoplagas we have developed the best guidelines to be followed. These have been thoroughly shaped to achieve an effective and long-lasting technic.

Our pest control system starts with the identification of the type of flying insect, and then our experts choose the appropriate solutions to start with the elimination of the pest. Finally, we apply the necessary prevention measures which, together with monitoring, will allow us to ensure that your property is completely free of any flying insects.

The presence of flying insects is not only very uncomfortable, but also affects our health. Some of them, such as mosquitoes, can bite us and transmit diseases.

Some of the factors that favour the appearance of flying insect pests near our home or business, are areas of stagnant and dirty water, or abandoned buildings with a low level of hygiene.

We work with all types of flying insect pests

Only a serious and professional company like Ecoplagas, which has the appropriate certification for the eradication and elimination of flying insect pests, will be able to control the pests you are being affected by.

Our clients rely on our methods and are totally satisfied once we have carried out the pest control, as they can see the effectiveness of our solutions and will never find insects in their property again.

After analysing each case and determining the type of insect to be eradicated, our experts proceed with maximum security to eliminate the pest, always using the most complete and up-to-date equipment together with the best products that ensure that neither health nor the environment is endangered.

Thanks to our experience we have become the reference company within the pest control sector, as our infallible measures exceed the expectations of all our clients.


A wasp infestation is very problematic because their sting, besides being painful for a few hours, can cause other problems in people who are allergic to them.

We tend to notice their presence more in the summer months in areas with a high degree of humidity, such as green areas that are frequently watered and where puddles can appear, or in pools where the wasps find the water they need to survive.

Plagas avispas Alicante
Plagas moscas Alicante


Flies are an unpleasant insect that can endanger our health by carrying some infections and causing diseases such as diarrhoea.

We often find fly infestations in environments near our homes or businesses that are unhygienic, such as abandoned buildings or areas with decomposing food that are also poorly ventilated and hot. In order to prevent the problem from spreading and causing damage, we must call on experts in eradicating them. At Ecoplagas we will be happy to help you by offering you all our experience.


Moths are flying insects of the lepidopteran family. They are generally nocturnal and their immature stages (larvae) can cause damage to stored products such as food or tissue. They tend to lodge in cupboards, cracks and crevices, and reproduce rapidly (a female can lay between 30/40 and 400 eggs, depending on the species), so a single fertilised female can give rise to a moth infestation.

Pests of these flying insects can cause both material and health damage, so it is important to ventilate dark and more humid areas, thus preventing them from finding a suitable place to reproduce.
There are different types of moth pests, some affect tissues, others are found in food. There are also moths that nest in plants such as potato crops, as well as in some fields where cereals are grown.

Therefore, it is important to carry out regular checks, and in the event of finding a moth infestation, turn to a company expert in eliminating flying insect pests, as it is the case of Ecoplagas, where we have developed different solutions for eradicating moths.

Plagas polillas Alicante

We offer service throughout Alicante

We take our solutions to any home, business or public entity within the province of Alicante.

Ecoplagas’ objective when carrying out control work on flying insect pests is to offer the best service with every guarantee of success in the shortest possible time.

Our equipment is the most advanced as far as technology is concerned, and our staff is up to date with new techniques and measures to eliminate flying insect pests that are completely efficient.


Damage assessment diagnosiss


Delimitation of the sources of infection


Analysis of the type of pest


Determination and application of the most effective methods


Final evaluation of the result


Review and certification of work


Follow-up to prevent reappearance of the pest


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