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Insect pests in Alicante


We efficiently solve any type of pest

At Ecoplagas we are experts in the treatment and eradication of all types of pests and disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to help you make your home a safer place.

In Ecoplagas we treat insect pests effectively, providing long lasting and high quality measures that will eliminate, among others, the uncomfortable cockroaches, bed bugs or ants.

We follow stringent guidelines to control the pest efficiently. We analyze the situation and perform a complete assessment of the installation to detect where the focus should lie and to know the type of insect. Then, our professionals will proceed to eliminate the infestation, using the most innovative and effective methods that will ensure the best results. In addition, our prevention system will prevent its future reappearance.

Our company has the most complete equipment, with effective solutions and our workers are highly qualified for the eradication of insect pests, with which the satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed.

We work with all types of insect pests

Our experience in the pest control sector has allowed us to develop the best solutions to treat all types of insects.
When facing an insect pest, the first thing our experts will do is an analysis of the situation, and once the diagnosis is obtained, they will quickly be in charge of controlling the pest with all the guarantees of success and ensuring, through prevention measures, that Insects do not appear again.


Cockroaches are a type of insect which live in hot and humid places. They tend to live in crevices, usually emerging from them at night, in search of food, water or to mate.

Some species are gregarious, that is, they live organized in communities, recognizing its members. Among them information about food, shelter, etc. is transferred. So if you detect the presence of a cockroach, it is very likely that there are more. Then it is the time to contact our company. We will make sure  they disappear completely, leaving your home, business or any other space that has been affected by the presence of these uncomfortable insects disinfested.

Plagas de cucarachas
Plagas de chinches


Bedbugs are blood-sucking insects with an oval appearance and a reddish-brown color whose highest activity occurs at night. Due to globalization and the movement of people, bed bug infestations have had a significant resurgence, finding them in private homes, hotels, hostels, etc.

It is important to be alert to their presence, since the signs in the first stages of the plague can resemble the presence of mosquitoes and / or fleas, making it necessary to go to professionals such as Ecoplagas to eliminate them completely.

Bed bugs feed on our blood, biting humans while they sleep. Since they seek shelter near their food, we can find them in the structure of beds, headboards, mattresses, nightstands and other pieces of furniture that are nearby, expanding from there to the rest of the house.


Ant infestations are one of the most frequent and truly uncomfortable. They form colonies on the ground, in crevices or on trees and become very numerous if they are not detected in time and are properly controlled.

If you start to see ants in your facilities, it is possible that the problem will increase and the colonies spread, so we recommend that you contact Ecoplagas specialists who will treat the infestation with really effective methods that adapt to each type of ant.

pececillos de plata


Sometimes in our home, company or other type of property we can notice the existence of insects that we cannot recognize at a glance. That is why only experts in the field will be able to recognize the type of insect and develop an effective action plan to eliminate the plague.

Our company provides you with the most complete solutions for any type of insect, successfully eliminating them in a short time and leaving the place disinfested.

We offer service throughout Alicante

We take our solutions to any home, business or public entity within the province of Alicante.

Ecoplagas’ objective when carrying out control work on flying insect pests is to offer the best service with every guarantee of success in the shortest possible time.

Our equipment is the most advanced as far as technology is concerned, and our staff is up to date with new techniques and measures to eliminate flying insect pests that are completely efficient.


Damage assessment diagnosiss


Delimitation of the sources of infection


Analysis of the type of pest


Determination and application of the most effective methods


Final evaluation of the result


Review and certification of work


Follow-up to prevent reappearance of the pest


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