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At Ecoplagas we are experts in the treatment and eradication of all types of pests and disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to help you make your home a safer place.

Currently in our society it is still common to find rodent and bird pests, which endanger our health and our environment.
In addition to being carriers of diseases and parasites such as bird mites or lice, and fleas, both rodents and birds can cause damage to our homes or businesses, even in our vehicles, in addition to the bad image they can give to a commercial establishment.

Our professionals come to the affected place in the shortest possible time, and begin with the most appropriate method when they face a pest of rodents or birds, which is to locate the focus they come from, the next step is to choose, from the many solutions we have designed, the ones that best suit your situation.

Day after day and with each pest control job, Ecoplagas experts make every effort to ensure that our clients enjoy the most effective measures and that they do not find rodents or birds in their properties again.

Ecoplagas is a company responsible for the environment, and that is why we use safe methods for health and our environment, prioritizing the use of physical methods, provided it is the most appropriate solution.


Various species of rodents have adapted to life in our environment, taking advantage of the shelter and food that our society provides them. But it is necessary to control this type of urban fauna, since they are transmitters of diseases. In addition, they cause damage to our homes, which can damage wiring or damage food that we have stored in pantries.

Rodent pests hide behind holes in the walls or in the sewers of cities, where they can reach our homes through drains, sumps or cracks in the building structure.

At Ecoplagas we have identified the most common signs that contribute to the appearance of rodent pests:


  • The lack of cleanliness in some buildings or abandoned lots.
  • Not depositing the waste that we generate in the containers and within an established schedule
  • Do not check that the gaps or cracks to the outside are properly sealed
    neglect the cleanliness of the surroundings of farms or companies that are dedicated to food.


The “Gray Rat” or also called “Sewer Rat” is one of the most harmful pests for humans and their environment.

The food they take is very varied, so they adapt to various environmental and climatic conditions, being able to reproduce and create communities of a large number of individuals with ease.

In addition to some diseases such as “Rabies” or “Salmonellosis”, rat pests cause economic damage in companies that are dedicated to food, since they tend to seek shelter in their warehouses and spoil food products.

Ratas Alicante
Ratones Alicante


Mice are nocturnal animals, so, as we cannot see them, it is not easy to detect them in time and avoid a plague.

They take advantage of the cracks or crevices in the walls and floors to look for both shelter and food. During daytime they stay sheltered, being at night when they go in search of food.

Mice seriously damage our health, as they are transmitters of certain diseases such as “Hantavirus” and “Leptospirosis” so that controlling pests will ensure that we are protected against them.


Our company is specialized in the control of all types of bird pests, which choose places such as roofs, balconies, gutters or chimney holes to nest.

Their presence, in addition to being sometimes uncomfortable, causes damage to buildings and affects the health of people, who are exposed to catching infectious diseases.

When carrying out pest control work, at Ecoplagas we do it with the most effective procedures after thoroughly studying them all and completely eliminating the birds from your property.


Pigeon pests are frequent in many cities and can cause material damage, discomfort and diseases to humans.

It is common to see them daily in parks, near bar terraces or any space in the city where they can find food and shelter for their nests. In addition, they are used to living with people, and this domestication has caused them to spread easily, forming large communities.

They are carriers of diseases, such as influenza A, in addition to transmitting various parasites. They can also contaminate food and surfaces when they come into contact with the birds or their feathers, due to the unsanitary environments in which they move.

Palomas Alicante
Gaviotas Alicante


At Ecoplagas we have a team of professionals specialized in the control of seagull pests. These birds are characterized by the creation of large breeding colonies in the spring season. It is then when special attention must be paid to checking the surroundings to detect if there are nesting signs which may give rise to a plague.

Seagulls usually make their nests on roofs, terraces, roofs of buildings, or chimney holes. Since they tend to group together, their massive presence must be controlled and eradicated through a reliable, safe and effective method by professionals such as those who work in Ecoplagas. We will design a specific solution for each case, obtaining the best results and always being responsible with the environment.

In our company we are authorized to carry out pest control of birds, and thus, we will avoid both material damage caused by an accumulation of their excrement, as well as the annoyances generated by their noisy colonies, as well as the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms that can affect our health, such as E. coli, among others.

Other urban fauna pests

Ecoplagas is a team of professionals with extensive experience in the elimination of urban fauna pests, using methods that are responsible with the environment and people, achieving a clean environment free of infections.

We have the necessary authorizations and permits to eliminate pests of urban fauna, such as bats, sparrows, starlings, wild boars, rabbits, squirrels or cats.


Bats, or also called “Chiroptera”, are a protected species in our country, so it is necessary to contact professionals such as Ecoplagas to deal with a plague of bats. We will take care of removing them from the property without causing any type of harm to the animal, and we will seal any gaps or cracks in the building so that they cannot take refuge in it again.

During daytime they stay sheltered in dark places and when night comes they go out in search of insects to feed. They live in large communities, making it possible that sometimes we can hear the peculiar sound they emit.

However, if they feel attacked by people, they can bite us and leave us exposed to an infectious disease such as rabies. In addition to acting as a reservoir for others such as measles, pneumonia, mumps, flu, or encephalitis.

Murciélagos Alicante
Gorriones Alicante


Sparrows are birds that can nest in many different places, such as roofs, dense trees and bushes, building holes, terraces or rooftops. After the breeding season, they form flocks that can become annoying due to the noise they make when they gather to sleep, as well as the accumulation of excrement under their nesting places. In addition, as with the rest of urban birds, they can transmit diseases to humans such as salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, etc. and be carriers of various parasites such as mites and nematodes.

To avoid an infestation of sparrows, the area should be monitored and inspected to verify that there is no massive nesting and therefore an accumulation of a large number of these birds.

To control a pest, it is necessary to have the knowledge of experts through whom an eradication work of the highest quality is guaranteed and that exceeds all expectations. This is the case with our solutions for urban fauna pests control.


Starlings are birds whose diet is very varied, so they find almost anywhere an ideal area to nest. They eat insects, cereals and seeds or fruits, so special careful measures must be taken in places such as plantations, farm fields and gardens with fruit trees, because if a large number of these birds accumulate would cause great damage and economic loss.

Its ideal time to reproduce is with the beginning of spring and until approximately the end of July, months in which you have to be alert to see if there are a large number of starling nests.

At Ecoplagas, throughout our professional career we have acquired extensive experience in the elimination of starling pests, through safe and effective solutions, so if you detect a pest, do not hesitate and get in contact.

Estorninos Alicante
Jabalís Alicante
Wild boars

Wild boars can cause a plague that causes significant damage to people, which is why their reproduction should be controlled in places close to homes or livestock areas, since they can transmit infections and cause damage.

In urban environments, they have adapted to feed on our waste, being able to observe herds of wild boars rummaging in garbage bags and near containers, especially in the breeding season. For this reason it is important to avoid a wild boar plague. So, our surroundings should remain clean and free of dirt that attracts them. In addition, on highways they can cause serious traffic accidents that put people’s lives at risk.

We recommend that if you observe a large number of wild boars nearby, you contact our team, where we have the human and technical means for the successful eradication of wild boar pests.

We offer service throughout Alicante

We take our solutions to any home, business or public entity within the province of Alicante.

Ecoplagas’ objective when carrying out control work on flying insect pests is to offer the best service with every guarantee of success in the shortest possible time.

Our equipment is the most advanced as far as technology is concerned, and our staff is up to date with new techniques and measures to eliminate flying insect pests that are completely efficient.


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Determination and application of the most effective methods


Final evaluation of the result


Review and certification of work


Follow-up to prevent reappearance of the pest


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