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Mosquito pests in Alicante

At Ecoplagas, we eradicate mosquito pests with the most advanced techniques.


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At Ecoplagas we are experts in the treatment and eradication of all types of pests and disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to help you make your home a safer place.

At Ecoplagas we have the necessary authorisations to carry out work to eliminate mosquito pests.

Our workers, who have a great deal of experience in elimination, eradication and spraying tasks, will quickly identify the type of mosquito that has caused the pest and will implement an action plan that will clean up all traces of insects in your facilities.

Clients who hire our services congratulate us on every mosquito pest control job we carry out, because we offer them professional and reliable treatment that is totally effective and definitive.

To control and eradicate this type of pest, early detection is necessary. Therefore, if you feel there is an infestation in your home or company, we recommend that you act accordingly and leave the task of identifying and treating the mosquitoes you are affected by in the hands of our team.

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What are mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are insects of the diptera family, which live in very diverse areas and require water to be able to reproduce, as their larvae are aquatic. For this reason, they reproduce more easily in coastal areas and that is where they must be especially controlled.

At Ecoplagas we are experts in controlling mosquito pests and we have the best technical means to eliminate them.


It is in hot periods that the presence of these annoying flying insects becomes more noticeable.

The daytime habits of the “Tiger Mosquito” mean that the bite lasts longer than that of other types of mosquitoes, and there is even more swelling, which can lead to a serious allergic reaction. Only the female mosquitoes bite us and they do so in order to lay their eggs. They are carriers of diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, etc. These types of mosquitoes are active 24 hours a day, being especially active at dawn and dusk.

In the case of the “common mosquito”, which has nocturnal habits, the females are blood-sucking and their bites cause a slight swelling and itching of the skin, because saliva prevents the blood from coagulating.


In our country, there are three major types of mosquitoes by which we can be affected, and in our company we know perfectly well how to identify them and how to prevent them from becoming a pest.

The first of these is the “common mosquito”, which we find in urban areas and which has that characteristic buzzing sound that we are all familiar with.

The second is the “Tiger Mosquito”, an invasive species that comes from the tropical forests of Asia and transmits various diseases.

The third kind of mosquito we can find is the “Anopheles Mosquito”, which causes the spread of malaria in humans. They are active both during the day and at night, depending on the species.


At Ecoplagas we make sure that once the type of mosquito has been identified, any trace that favours its reproduction is completely eliminated.

When the “Common Mosquito” reproduces, it can deposit around two hundred eggs on the surface of water, so early control will prevent the larvae from becoming adults and prevent the plague from occurring.

If the pest is the “Tiger Mosquito” we must recognise it in time, because its females never lay their eggs in the same place and this can lead to them spreading more easily.

The ” Anopheles mosquito ” reproduces in fresh water areas that are not contaminated. Its females can lay up to a hundred eggs every time they take blood and usually live for about thirty days.

Mosquito problems

Our company is aware of how important it is for all households, companies or public entities or bodies to remain on the margins of a possible outbreak of disease. The objective of Ecoplagas is to ensure that its properties are totally free of any type of mosquito infestation that could cause any kind of discomfort.

Furthermore, mosquitoes emit a buzzing sound that can be irritating to people and cause headaches or lack of concentration in our household tasks or professional activities.

Picaduras mosquito


When a mosquito bites us, the skin becomes red and swollen, producing an increasingly annoying itch.

Depending on the type of mosquito, the consequences of the bite can be different; some of them do not go beyond the above-mentioned symptoms and a slight pain for a few days, but we run the risk of being infected with a disease, as in the case of the “Tiger Mosquito”, which, even when we are wearing clothes, can pass through the fabric of our clothes to feed on our blood with its bite.

Problemas salud picaduras mosquito


Mosquitoes are carriers of various diseases that can become dangerous if not properly treated. These include malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.

In our environment, the presence of phlebotomous is also common. This is another family of flying blood-sucking insects, which are usually confused with mosquitoes. We should pay special attention to them if we have pets, since through their bite our pets can get leishmaniasis, a dangerous disease that is difficult to treat. It can also affect humans, although it is less common, less serious and more easily cured.

What to do in case of a mosquito plague

The presence of water is essential for the development of mosquito colonies, and wetlands are possible sources of pests.

Mosquitoes need the aquatic environment to continue their species, which is why coastal areas, where there are also high temperatures, are more often affected by pests.


Closed spaces with water containers or buckets in which air does not circulate easily, are very likely to be infested by mosquitoes.


Some mosquitoes, such as the “Common Mosquito”, deposit a large quantity of eggs on the surface of areas of water with little current, contributing to the spread of their presence.


Gardens tend to have a high level of humidity as they have to be watered frequently, and the plants are also suitable for mosquitoes, as they sometimes provide shelter and food.

We are specialists in the elimination of mosquitoes in Alicante

At Ecoplagas we cater for pest control needs throughout the province of Alicante.

After innumerable mosquito pest elimination works throughout our professional career, we have succeeded in getting our clients to trust our experts, who act with maximum professionalism against any mosquito pest, eradicating the problem and ensuring that it does not reappear.

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If you have a company in which your furniture or structure is made of wood, we recommend that you check timber carefully so as to detect as soon as possible the presence of woodworm. In that case, we ensure that we will eliminate the pest in the shortest possible time so as not to interrupt the activity of your company.


Old houses that have a wooden structure, and those where there is wooden furniture in areas with high humidity, are prone to woodworm pests, so do not hesitate to contact Ecoplagas when you notice any evidence of their presence and we will evaluate the situation to implement the best solutions.


Our company also offers its extensive services for Public Organizations, for which our team of professionals works with the best technical equipment and with the greatest speed, favouring that the plague is definitively eradicated and business activity can return to its usual rhythm.

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At Ecoplagas we are holders of all the necessary licenses to apply pest eradication treatments, guaranteeing our clients a service of the highest quality and reliability.


Our staff is highly qualified and have the most complete training for the elimination of pests, which together with the most modern equipment and the most effective methods, manage to eliminate any woodworm.


Throughout our professional career we have acquired the necessary experience to offer effective and definitive methods, thanks to which we have managed to position Ecoplagas as a benchmark company within our sector.

Our clients fully trust our solutions, and we exceed all their expectations, making them highly satisfied.



When detecting a woodworm plague, we must eliminate it within a short time so that it does not continue to spread and does not affect the wood to a greater extent. So, in our company, we have acquired with our clients the commitment to eradicate pests in a minimum period of time and we guarantee that their furniture will not be affected by woodworm again.


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