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Ecoplagas has the necessary authorizations to carry out cockroach pest control work.

In order to eliminate these uncomfortable insects, extremely effective methods are required. Since they are highly resistant, controlling their pest is a task that can only be undertaken by specialists such as those in our company. The complexity of eradicating them is that cockroaches can survive in adverse conditions, even without water and food for long periods.

The anatomy of these insects has hardly changed throughout their existence, so their great capacity to adapt to various environmental conditions is evident. To avoid a pest, we must be extremely careful and act quickly when we notice their presence on our property or in its surroundings.

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What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are insects belonging to the Blattodea family. They are very strong and have existed for over three hundred million years. During this time, their evolution has been minimal and they have always managed to adapt to various conditions, both climatic and environmental.

In our company we treat different species of cockroaches and to eliminate them permanently, we have shaped efficient solutions that do not endanger health or the environment.


The morphology of the cockroaches is oval and flat, with shades ranging from brown to black and have a strong exoskeleton.

Up to date, approximately 4,000 species have been identified, although only around 30 live in human environments. However, in our country we usually come across three types of cockroaches; the first of these is the “American cockroach” or also known as the “Sewer cockroach”, being one of the species that we can see both during the day and at night and which prefers warm and humid areas.

The second species that we can see in our cities is the so-called “Germanic cockroach”, which carries out its activity mainly at night, preferring, like the previous one, places with high temperatures and a high degree of humidity.

Finally we can find the “Oriental Cockroach”. In this case, it prefers to live outdoors in hot and humid areas, accessing the buildings through the sewer pipes.


These three species of cockroaches have similar preferences in terms of feeding habits and behaviour, and although they can withstand low temperatures, they have a preference for humid environments with mild temperatures (approximately 20ºC-30ºC), which is why they find their optimum development in our cities.

The digestive system of these insects contains bacteria and microorganisms that allow them to digest almost any type of substance, so they can survive even by ingesting decomposing food. This means that we normally find them near areas where we deposit waste such as rubbish bins, rubbish containers or in kitchens, where the presence and disposal of food is constant.

Since cockroaches suffer from photophobia, if during the day you see one in the surroundings of your property, such as in rubbish dumps, garages, nearby sewers or gardens, it means that they have been forced to leave and their presence may be an indicator of the presence of a pest. In such case we advise you to contact our company and we will come quickly to eliminate it.


Cockroach populations grow rapidly. The average life span of a cockroach, depending on the species and under optimal conditions, is 12 to 20 months. During this period a female reproduces between 4 and 8 times.

To do this, the females produce small protective capsules containing eggs inside, from which 40 eggs will hatch in the case of the Germanic cockroach and approximately 15 in the case of the American periplanet.

This is why observing the presence of a few cockroaches should alert us to the possibility of having a cockroach infestation.

Problems derived from cockroaches

Among other problems caused by the presence of cockroaches, it is worth mentioning that they are a sign of lack of healthiness in our environment, and that is why we must turn to authorised professionals such as Ecoplagas to eliminate pests.

Cucarachas en establecimientos


We know that, if you are a company or business owner, one of the most influential factors when it comes to getting customers is the image we give of our facilities, which must always look impeccable and smell nice, to which cockroach pests do not contribute.
At Ecoplagas we have the solution to control cockroach infestation as efficiently and quickly as possible, so you can continue to carry out your commercial activity as usual.

Problemas para la salud cucarachas


The blatodes represent a potential focus of infections. Due to the unhealthy environments in which they are found (sewers, cracks and fissures) and the basis of their feeding (decomposing organic waste), they usually carry a large number of pathogenic micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria) on their bodies. They also carry various parasites such as helminths and fungi.

These germs contaminate our food, as well as surfaces and kitchen utensils, when cockroaches walk on them. They are also vectors of diseases such as Salmonellosis, Dysentery, Gastroenteritis and Asthma.

Causes of a cockroach infestation

At Ecoplagas we know perfectly how to detect a cockroach plague and the appropriate methods to proceed with its eradication, leaving your property completely disinfected as soon as possible and using optimal security measures.


Cockroaches take advantage of cracks in buildings to take refuge and breed, so if you notice any in your home or business, it is time to contact our team of specialists to control the pest.


Sometimes we leave food unrefrigerated or in open areas, to which cockroaches can be attracted. At Ecoplagas, we recommend storing all food products in the fridge, or in hermetically sealed containers inside well closed cupboards or drawers, so that they do not produce odours that could attract these uncomfortable insects.


Due to the high amount of rubbish we produce as human beings, it is common to find bags of rubbish poorly closed or food directly out of bins or rubbish containers. This causes cockroach infestation when looking for food. It is important to make sure that all the waste stays inside the waste bins. If this is not the case and you find cockroaches, contact us and we will eliminate the pest.


In some areas of the cities there are abandoned buildings or plots of land that do not receive the necessary care to prevent the appearance of insects such as cockroaches. This can lead to health problems for humans, and it is essential to control pests so that they do not spread to nearby homes or businesses.

We are specialists in the elimination of cockroaches in Alicante

Our work in eradicating cockroach pests is aimed at any area of Alicante.

At Ecoplagas we are committed to our clients to make the pest disappear for good, using tested and quality methods that will exceed all our clients’ expectations.

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If you have a company in which your furniture or structure is made of wood, we recommend that you check timber carefully so as to detect as soon as possible the presence of woodworm. In that case, we ensure that we will eliminate the pest in the shortest possible time so as not to interrupt the activity of your company.


Old houses that have a wooden structure, and those where there is wooden furniture in areas with high humidity, are prone to woodworm pests, so do not hesitate to contact Ecoplagas when you notice any evidence of their presence and we will evaluate the situation to implement the best solutions.


Our company also offers its extensive services for Public Organizations, for which our team of professionals works with the best technical equipment and with the greatest speed, favouring that the plague is definitively eradicated and business activity can return to its usual rhythm.

Quality and service



At Ecoplagas we are holders of all the necessary licenses to apply pest eradication treatments, guaranteeing our clients a service of the highest quality and reliability.


Our staff is highly qualified and have the most complete training for the elimination of pests, which together with the most modern equipment and the most effective methods, manage to eliminate any woodworm.


Throughout our professional career we have acquired the necessary experience to offer effective and definitive methods, thanks to which we have managed to position Ecoplagas as a benchmark company within our sector.

Our clients fully trust our solutions, and we exceed all their expectations, making them highly satisfied.



When detecting a woodworm plague, we must eliminate it within a short time so that it does not continue to spread and does not affect the wood to a greater extent. So, in our company, we have acquired with our clients the commitment to eradicate pests in a minimum period of time and we guarantee that their furniture will not be affected by woodworm again.


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