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Disinfections company in Alicante

Disinfection against large-spread viruses and other pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or annoying pests

Disinfection against covid-19

We are facing convulsive times in which we realize how important health and cleanliness are. But the problem is that, in the event of invisible external threats, cleaning and scratching well is not enough.

So, you will be wondering, what’s the solution to this issue that worries us so much? The answer is, disinfection. Disinfection brings multiple benefits. Obviously the first one that comes to mind is the improvement and maintenance of health. But there are many others like improving your business image to customers or the conservation of facilities and materials.

If you live in Alicante, Valencia, Albacete or Murcia, you are in luck. At Ecoplagas we offer a complete disinfection service against high-spread viruses and other pathogens such as fungi or bacteria.

Disinfection in Alicante

What does our service consist of?

Our disinfection service is environmentally friendly. That is, we eliminate or reduce pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) which, below tolerance thresholds considered acceptable, may be harmful to human health.
To do this we use chemical agents such as disinfectants, or physical agents such as heat.

The techniques we use for disinfection


Not only do we perform an environmental disinfection service, but we also carry out treatments on surfaces and objects.

To do this we analyse the situation to choose the technique that best fits in each case, such as misting, nebulization or micro-spraying at ULV (Ultra-Low Volume), or even direct spraying or wash down on surfaces.

In any case, all the products we use are authorized by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and the Ministry of Social Welfare. Obviously, we also follow the correct use, dose and safety deadlines in the application of the products. We emphasize on this issue as many people are sceptical about the use of chemicals. We would like to point out that chemicals are not our enemies as they have been created to help us and improve our lives if used correctly.

At Ecoplagas we work various techniques.

Disinfection by nebulization


Misting is the process by which the disinfectant is spread throughout the room in the form of steam, through fogging system Its great advantage is that as it spreads through the air, hard get to areas are perfectly reached. This is the case with ventilation ducts, the main focus through which many things are propagated.

Desinfecci贸n por nebulizaci贸n
Desinfecci贸n por microdifusi贸n a UBV

Disinfection by Micro-diffusion at ULV

ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) molecular micro-diffusion is perfect for eliminating both complicated pests and viruses as it is performed with cold mist machines that produce droplets of the size between 5-50 microns. These microns are considered to be the optimal average volume diameter to reach germs and target insects within their categories.

Recent studies have shown that the sizes and weight of 20 micron drops are perfect for effectively adhering to insect鈥檚 hairs. Drops of this size also float in the air for about 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible places where microorganisms such as viruses can live and thrive.

Disinfection by direct spraying or washing down of surfaces


Through these techniques, the disinfectant is applied under pressure directly to the surface for the immediate elimination of unwanted particles.

Desinfecci贸n por pulverizaci贸n directa o baldeo

To whom is our disinfection service aimed at?

Really for all kinds of places, both private, (since we know that your home is the most important) and public.

Limpieza y desinfecci贸n en residencias de ancianos

Nursing homes

In nursing homes it is very important to take extreme precautions, since they are a group at risk of suffering more pronounced symptoms. Therefore, it is important to carry out a strategy for a disinfection service that guarantees that the place is always a safe place for our elders.

Schools and educational centres

Children and young people are all day from here to there, so they are most likely to propagate the evil viruses. It is vital that the spaces in which they spend most of the day are well disinfected.

Limpieza y desinfecci贸n en colegios
Limpieza y desinfecci贸n en empresas


Likewise schools, business centres are another place of movement par excellence. After working hours, many workers want to make the most of the day and do a thousand things. It is vital that the space in which they interact the most throughout the day is well taken care of.


In these establishments, where we really sweat, we must be extremely cautious. The large number of people who visit them (as being fitness is fashionable) means that they have to be completely free of viruses and bacteria.

Limpieza y desinfecci贸n en gimnasios
Limpieza y desinfecci贸n en edificios p煤blicos

Public Buildings

As they are very busy places where many people pass through, it is very important that they are kept in a good state of cleaning and disinfection, otherwise they can be one of the main sources of propagation. In addition to social responsibility, they must be kept that way in order to give a good image to the public

Vehicles and public transport

Busy life makes us move from here to there all day. So we use a lot of vehicles and public transport. In addition, they tend to go full of people, so it is essential that they are properly disinfected.

Limpieza y desinfecci贸n en veh铆culos y transporte p煤blico
Desinfecciones en viviendas


Your home is where you spend most time. How can you not have it in the best condition? We disinfect your home and protect it against viruses and bacteria, so that you are relaxed and safe and do not have to worry about anything, just enjoy it.

Disinfection service in Alicante


Ecoplagas is a company with a consolidated track record in pest control throughout the region of Murcia, Alicante, Albacete and Valencia.

We offer a disinfection service with all guarantees:

  • Trajectory and experience. Our professionals have a track record of more than 8 years in the performance of all kinds of disinfection services.
  • Innovative techniques and products. We use the most innovative techniques in the sector to guarantee the best result.
  • Respect towards the environment. We use tested products that avoid unnecessary damage to the environment.
  • Certificates and authorizations. We have the necessary certificates and authorizations to carry out our activity safely and within the current legal framework in our field of action.


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