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Eliminate bedbugs, ticks and other insects in Alicante


We efficiently solve any type of pest

At Ecoplagas we are experts in the treatment and eradication of all types of pests and disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to help you make your home a safer place.

At Ecoplagas we are certified to carry out insect pest elimination work, and we have the best technological means and a great team of highly professional workers.

A large number of clients from all over Alicante have come to us for the eradication of insect pests, because they know that they are in the best hands and that we offer a highly reliable, quality service with a full guarantee that the problem will disappear once and for all.
We take care of the entire pest control process as quickly as possible, starting with the evaluation of the situation, identifying the type of insect that your property is being affected by, and finally, applying effective solutions.

Besides having a wide experience in our sector, our clients know our successful trajectory and our persistent measures to end insect pests, so they fully trust Ecoplagas.

Removing Bedbugs

Bedbug infestations usually have their core in or around bed structures such as bedside tables, wardrobes or desks, or even in mattresses.

This type of insect is oval and dark in colour. It is active at night and feeds on our blood or the blood of other animals, which is why it will probably bite us. Detecting them in time is essential so that they can’t affect our health or our furniture.

If you find a small blood stain on your furniture, sofas, mattresses, sheets or any crack in the walls, and you notice a rather sweet and unpleasant smell characteristic of bedbugs, it is probably a sign that your property is being affected by a plague. At that point it will be the time for our professionals to go and eradicate it.

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Plagas hormigas Alicante

Ant Pests

Ants are one of the most common insects we can find when we accidentally forget some leftovers that may provide them with food on the kitchen counter, on the floor or in any other part of our home or workplace. It is also common to see them on tree trunks, in cracks in the ground or in gardens, where in addition to hunting for food, they create huge colonies.

These insects, which are mostly black or red, can cause small, uncomfortable bites to us or to our pets. Ants communicate with each other when they find a source of food, so if you see one, it is a sign that there will be many more, and the best way to prevent them from spreading too much is for our team of specialised technicians to come and control the pest.

Other services

Ecoplagas is a company specialised in the elimination of insect pests, including pine processionary moth, fleas, ticks and silverfish.

Our methods for their eradication are carried out with all the necessary safety measures, complying with all health requirements so as not to put the health of people and other animals at risk and to contribute to the care of the environment.

We have a team specialised in the elimination of insect pests, which throughout its professional career has offered solutions to all kinds of clients based on professionalism, seriousness and efficiency.

We are experts in the elimination of insect pests

When our customers contact our team, they know that they are in the hands of professional experts in the elimination of insect pests.

We offer personalised solutions, adapted to each client to eradicate efficiently the insect infestation that has affected your home or business, carrying out the whole process in the shortest possible time, because a rapid action by specialised professionals is key to obtaining the best results and achieving a space free of insect infestation.

Pine Processionary Moth

The pine processionary or “Thaumetopoea pityocampa” is a butterfly that, in its caterpillar phase, builds larval nests in trees, particularly in different species of pine trees. With the arrival of the first days of spring they begin to hatch, infecting and deteriorating the trees, as this insect pest feeds on the new sprouts of the tree, leaving them without branches and becoming sick.

When the eggs from the pine processionary nests open, the caterpillars spread out over the tree and its surroundings to bury themselves and complete their metamorphosis giving rise to small butterflies.

These caterpillars have very fine hairs on their bodies that cause rashes and allergic reactions on the skin of people and animals, and can therefore become a health risk. If these caterpillars are seen on pine, fir or cedar trees at the beginning of spring, it is probably a sign of a pest. At this point, the best solution is to contact our company so that we can eliminate the pine processionary pest.

Plagas procesionaria pino Alicante
Plagas pulgas Alicante


Fleas are small, dark-coloured, very agile and fast insects that feed on blood. Due to their size, which is usually no more than three millimetres, they are very difficult to detect.

They can be found on the bodies of animals, people, objects with fibres such as carpets or upholstery, and even on other objects such as suitcases or boxes when they search for food. Their presence is due to contact with animals that have not been treated against them. They can even move from one place to another by using clothes, from where they will later access our bodies or those of animals they find on their way to feed on their blood.

To find out if a person or animal is infected and there is a plague of fleas, the body must be checked for tiny bites. The signs are allergic dermatitis, skin irritations and the appearance of blisters or small wounds.

Flea infestations can be of different types, as there are species of fleas on dogs, cats, birds and people, although they all behave in the same way and are equally harmful to health. So if you detect them, you should immediately go to your doctor or vet and to a company such as our flea infestation expert.


Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of animals such as dogs, horses, cats and others, and even on human blood. If a tick infestation is detected, infections can occur, as they often enter the skin to obtain blood.

At Ecoplagas we are experts in detecting and eliminating tick infestations, always with efficient, fast, responsible and quality methods.

Tick pests can occur anywhere in our country, but especially in those areas with higher temperatures and accumulation of humidity, which is an ideal environment for their reproduction and survival. This leads to diseases in people and animals. So with the arrival of spring and the first days of heat, it is advisable to check for signs of them.

There are different types of ticks, which when feeding on blood will cause skin problems such as irritation, itching, nausea or vomiting, body pain and headache, as well as small inflammations at the site of their bite.

Plagas garrapatas Alicante
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Silverfish are insects that we can normally find in bathrooms, as they are always looking for dark places with a high level of humidity. They feed on organic material they find, on cellulose contained in paper, on silicones, or on objects containing starch.

To avoid a plague of silverfish, it is ideal to carry out periodic cleaning of all areas in the house as well as covering the cracks in walls, tiles, floors or ceilings with cement, and to supervise the door frames, cracks or drains from time to time.

In the event of finding a pest of these insects, the most appropriate solution is to contact our company, as at Ecoplagas we are experts in the elimination of silverfish pests. We have the necessary certification, methods and specialised personnel to control the pest with total safety and efficiency.

Quality and service



At Ecoplagas we are holders of all the necessary licenses to apply pest eradication treatments, guaranteeing our clients a service of the highest quality and reliability.


Our staff is highly qualified and have the most complete training for the elimination of pests, which together with the most modern equipment and the most effective methods, manage to eliminate any woodworm.


Throughout our professional career we have acquired the necessary experience to offer effective and definitive methods, thanks to which we have managed to position Ecoplagas as a benchmark company within our sector.

Our clients fully trust our solutions, and we exceed all their expectations, making them highly satisfied.



When detecting a woodworm plague, we must eliminate it within a short time so that it does not continue to spread and does not affect the wood to a greater extent. So, in our company, we have acquired with our clients the commitment to eradicate pests in a minimum period of time and we guarantee that their furniture will not be affected by woodworm again.


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