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Plagues of shrews, rabbits and squirrels in Alicante

Shrews, rabbits and squirrels


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At Ecoplagas we are experts in the treatment and eradication of all types of pests and disinfection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need us to help you make your home a safer place.

There are different rodent pests that people can be affected by, and not only by the transmission of infections and possible diseases, but also because they cause material damage.

For this reason, at Ecoplagas we have specialised in the elimination and control of different types of rodents such as rabbits, which can cause serious damage to agricultural crops; squirrels, whose presence can be very annoying for people as they cause unpleasant noise and damage to wiring; or shrews, which are small animals characterised by a pointed snout whose food is based on insects, seeds or roots, and other smaller animals. Although many people confuse them with rodents because of their resemblance to mice, they belong to the species of soriids.

To successfully eradicate rodent pests, our company has designed a wide range of professional solutions with which we obtain the best results, keeping the environment clean and free from a massive presence of animals such as rabbits, squirrels or shrews, among others.


A plague of shrews, small animals that are characterised by a pointed snout, can be very annoying and harmful to people, even causing great economic losses in places such as agricultural crop areas.

Although shrews are our allies in insect control, as they feed on small insects, seeds, plant roots or worms, they can also be a problem when they break into our businesses or homes.

The grey shrew and the common shrew are protected by GVA D32/2004, as well as being listed in the Bern Convention, as species whose survival could be threatened if no measures are taken for their conservation.

That is why, in the case of observing the presence of Soriids on your property, it will be necessary for you to turn to professionals such as those working within Ecoplagas, where we have the most advanced technical equipment and the best professionals, specialised in shrew pest control.

Plagas musarañas Alicante
Plagas conejos Alicante


Managing a rabbit pest should only be done through pest control experts as only they know the most effective techniques to solve this problem safely and efficiently.

As in the case of shrews, rabbits are called rodents because of their resemblance to them, although they belong to the Lagomorph mammal order (family Leporidae). It is considered one of the 100 most harmful exotic invasive species in the world, together with the tiger mosquito, the common mouse, the wild boar or the black rat, among others.

The exponential growth of their populations, together with the lack of natural predators, makes them responsible for large economic losses in grass and leguminous crops, being able to wipe out entire cereal fields. In addition, they act as vectors for diseases and parasites such as Tularemia, Rabies, coliform infections, or fleas among others.

In our pest control company we have the necessary authorizations and permits to carry out pest control works on rabbits, always respecting the environment.


Squirrels are small animals that in a small number do not constitute a problem for our environment, but if they reproduce excessively and create abundant colonies they can cause great damage.

When an area is affected by a squirrel infestation, special care must be taken in the buildings, since in order to find food, they can access the properties of homes through windows, chimney holes or holes in the facades, as well as nesting in the surroundings.

It is very important to control squirrel pests quickly and through an effective method, because otherwise their presence can become very annoying due to the noise they cause, as well as causing economic losses by creating damage to wiring that will have to be replaced.


Plagas ardillas Alicante

Quality and service



At Ecoplagas we are holders of all the necessary licenses to apply pest eradication treatments, guaranteeing our clients a service of the highest quality and reliability.


Our staff is highly qualified and have the most complete training for the elimination of pests, which together with the most modern equipment and the most effective methods, manage to eliminate any woodworm.


Throughout our professional career we have acquired the necessary experience to offer effective and definitive methods, thanks to which we have managed to position Ecoplagas as a benchmark company within our sector.

Our clients fully trust our solutions, and we exceed all their expectations, making them highly satisfied.



When detecting a woodworm plague, we must eliminate it within a short time so that it does not continue to spread and does not affect the wood to a greater extent. So, in our company, we have acquired with our clients the commitment to eradicate pests in a minimum period of time and we guarantee that their furniture will not be affected by woodworm again.


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